In The Principal’s Office

I was reading, enjoying a nice, peaceful lunch inside. Meanwhile, outside, howling winds rattled the windows as loudly as a baby’s rattle toy, enormous raindrops pounded down on the roof like golf balls, and clouds as dark as midnight gathered in the sky as if at a meeting. The storm seemed to go on forever. I eventually got bored of reading, and was just about to return my book to the bookshelf when a sandwich slapped me in the face. I looked up, about to tell who ever threw the sandwich to stop, but too late. The food fight had already started. I ducked just in time as a tomato sailed over my head. I snatched the tomato up, ready to aim, when a deafening voice boomed out, “What in the name of heaven do you think you’re all doing?!!!!”

Every single person in the room froze. Mrs. McLey, the strictest teacher history has ever seen, was striding into the room, her face redder than the tomato I was holding.

“Who started it?!” she roared. Jake, my worst enemy, instinctively pointed at me, even though I had nothing to do with starting the food fight. Mrs. McLey glared at me, her face changing in an instant from red to… I don’t know how to describe it.

“B-but M-M-Mrs. McLey, I had n-nothing to do w-w-with starting it!” I stuttered, trying to prove my innocence. “Jake just pointed at me for no reason!”

“Is this true, Jake?” Mrs. McLey asked.

“I-” Jake began, but was interrupted.

“Both of you,” Mrs. McLey ordered, “to the principal’s office!”


As soon as I got the chance, I punched Jake in the face. Not too hard, though.

“You moron!” I shouted as he recovered. “Now we’re both going to be expelled!”

“Hey, how’s that my fault?” Jake yelled back. “You started it.”

“Did not!”

“Did so!”


“Is everything alright?” a voice asked. I gulped. It was Mr. Geoff, our principal. He led us to his office, and faced us.

“So, what’s the matter?” he asked in a kind voice.

“Uh, Mrs. McLey sent us,” Jake explained. “She thinks we started this food fight.”

“I see,” Mr. Geoff replied. “So which one of you did start it then?”

“Neither of us, sir,” I answered.

“Hmm. I’ll speak to Mrs. McLey about this. Boys, you can go.”

As I stood up, I saw a strange device on the desk. Jake followed my gaze, and I knew he’d seen it too.


“You know that thing on Geoff’s desk?” I asked Jake once we were back in the classroom.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Jake replied, rolling his eyes. “Break into the school at night, just to look at a weird device that’s none of our business. Sure I’ll come, but don’t get me in trouble.”

“Deal,” I agreed.


I crept out of bed, tiptoed down the stairs, and yanked the front door open. My parents were definitely asleep now. I stole a crowbar from the shed, and crept to the school to meet Jake. He was already there, with a backpack full of tools. We found the principal’s window, levered it open, and climbed through. Jake accidently bumped into the device while landing. Almost instantly, the device glowed, and a blast of wind knocked me back into the desk. Then the world around me began to spin, and there was nothing.


My head hit something hard. I realised that I was in a lab, and my head had just hit the polished, marble floor. I stood up, and yanked Jake up after me. There was a cage nearby, and as I peeked in, I saw a cute rabbit with razor sharp teeth and spikes for its tail.

“Sam,” Jake called. “We need to get out of here. Fast.”

He strode over to where the bunny lay sleeping in the cage, and frowned.

“Look, what if Geoff’s evil? What if he wants to take over the Earth with cute, man-eating bunnies?” I asked.

“You’re absolutely right,” a woman suddenly stood behind us. “My name is Dr. Jenny.”

We followed the scientist down the corridor, being careful to avoid the man-eating bunnies.

“I’m Sam,” I told her, “and this is Jake.”

Jake gave a little wave, and a smile. Just then, a curly-haired boy appeared around the corner, screaming fit to burst and looking like he’d seen a ghost. He almost sprinted past us, but Jake somehow caught the boy around the chest and hauled him towards us.

“Hey, easy,” I whispered as the boy struggled in Jake’s arms. “What’s your name?”

“Charlie,” the boy replied. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sam, this is Jake and Dr. Jenny,” I introduced, pointing at my companions in turn.

“You’re not going to turn me into a rabbit, are you?” Charlie asked, clearly frightened.

“No,” Dr. Jenny replied. “Geoff’s going to launch the virus to turn the whole school into cute, man-eating bunnies in 5 hours. We have to stop him!”

“Right…”  I agreed uncertainly. “How exactly are we supposed to do that?”


We were heading towards what was supposed to be the virus machine. The Bunny Virus was going to be released there. We had to somehow destroy the machine to stop it. Suddenly, there was a clicking noise, like a button being pressed. Jake had stepped onto a hidden button. Before anyone could react, the ground beneath us opened, and we plunged into a pool of quicksand.

“The place is swarming with traps,” Dr. Jenny explained. “We have to be more careful when we get out.”

“If we can!” Charlie moaned.

“Jake!” I yelled as he disappeared underneath the quicksand. I was next. Suddenly, my feet hit something hard. I opened my eyes. The quicksand was a passageway to another corridor! Beside me, Dr. Jenny and Charlie landed with a thump.

“We have to keep going,” Charlie urged, checking his watch. “We’ve only got 3 hours left.”

On the other side of me, Jake’s mouth dropped open.


“But I don’t understand!” Jake now had to yell over the noise of a huge machine.

“Time runs faster down here,” Jenny explained. “That way, Geoff can complete more experiments without people realising that he’s gone.”

We rounded another corner, and a gleaming contraption stood before us. The virus machine. Next to it, on a desk, was a crowbar. My crowbar. On the floor, leaning against the desk, was  Jake’s backpack. Normally, I would’ve just snatched up the crowbar and smashed it into the machine, but there was a problem. Mr. Geoff stood behind the desk.


I thought it was all over now. Mr. Geoff would turn us all into cute, fluffy, man-eating bunnies. Instead, he pulled out two of the cutest bunnies I’d ever set my eyes on. Minus the razor sharp teeth, and the fact that bunnies would eat us.

As the bunnies pounced, I snatched up the crowbar and whacked them both in the face. Animal cruelty, I know. Next, I swung the crowbar back, and landed a crushing blow onto Mr. Geoff’s shiny, bald head. He collapsed to the ground with a groan. I’d just knocked him out.

“Great job,  Sam!” Charlie congratulated. “ Now we just have to destroy the machine and end this!”

“Everyone, grab the device on 1, 2,3, Now!” I shouted as I flung the crowbar as hard as I could into the machine, grabbing the device with my other hand. Then there was a boom, and everything went dark.


“ I should tell you something, Sam,” Jake muttered as we strolled home together from school the next day. We were best pals now.

“What?” I asked, curious.
“You know about that food fight…” Jake’s voice faded. The food fight yesterday seemed like an age away.

“Yup?” I  replied.

“Um… I started it, “ Jake gulped, “’Cause I wanted to get you in trouble. Sorry.”

“Never mind,” I sighed, “Hey, do you think Mr. Geoff survived?”

“”Don’t know,” Jake answered. But somewhere in the shadows, a figure with a bald head was stalking us…


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