Adventures in Minecraft

AHH! Splash! Phew! I was only jumping off a cliff into the water. I mean, dive board. “What was that?” I thought as I glimpsed something green to my right. I splashed out, striding towards the thing. But as I got closer, I could see that it wasn’t something good. It was a zombie!

“Brains,” the zombie moaned. A second later it was onto me, but I sliced it down and trudged back to my village as the Sun disappeared over the horizon.


“Red alert!” shouted a villager as mobs of zombies, skeletons and other monsters gathered around the village. I jumped out of bed, snatched my weapons and armour from a rack and strapped them on. I burst onto the defence tower, and shot an approaching zombie in the head with my bow. I double-jumped, flew through the air, and landed in front of my house as I drew both of my swords. A skeleton came at me, but I sliced its head off and kept moving. A horde of spiders and Endermen charged at me next, but ended up in atoms by my feet. I sliced towards my left, stabbed to my right, until I finally came face to face with…a CREEPER!!!

The last thing I remember that night was a deafening boom.


I woke in bed the next morning, with sunlight streaming through my window. Different parts of my body still throbbed from being blown up by the creeper, but I still rushed out to examine the damage. Dead, rotting zombie corpses littered the village. Witches’ hats covered burnt, broken bones. Spider eyes lay tangled all over the tiny, battered, and burnt down village. It was completely gone. I trudged back to my house, built out of stone, and packed my backpack. I locked the door behind me, feeling miserable. I left for somewhere didn’t care to think about, finishing a piece watermelon.


I stopped by a cave just as darkness fell. After taking care of the zombies that infested it, I wolfed down a baked potato and drew my swords. I waited an hour, maybe more, for the hordes to appear. They eventually did, and I had no trouble cutting them all into tiny pieces and burning them. Suddenly, an army of 5,000 skeletons shot at me from every possible direction. I don’t know how, but I managed not to get hit. After 4 hours of chopping up monsters, I settled down to sleep just as the Sun came up over the horizon.


It rained. And it got cold. Right now, it was as dark as midnight. I was freezing, the icy wind beating me down over and over again, while the rain soaked right through my armour and made my teeth chatter. Then I heard a voice.

“Hey, BadWolf_1!”

I spun around. It was my best pal, Steve! He survived!

“Hi Steve!” I called back.

“What’s up, Wolfie?” Steve asked. “Hey, buddy, you look freezing! Follow me.”

Steve led me through a small forest, keeping to a single, narrow path. We finally came out, and immediately I heard noises. Herds of cattle and sheep were mooing and bleating away, while chickens clucked around happily in their pens, and pigs snorted so loudly that I had to cover my ears.

“Welcome,” Steve grinned, “to Happyville!”


It was the biggest village I’d ever seen. There were two defence towers, a blacksmith, and an enormous library. Steve grinned at my gaping mouth.

“Wolfie, go and drop your stuff in an empty house, or the blacksmith,” Steve suggested. “I suggest the blacksmith. It’s been unoccupied for years, the villagers tell me.”

I took his advice and dropped my backpack in the bedroom, up the back. I suddenly felt happy again, and decided to write a book about my journey. I called it ‘Adventures in Minecraft’.



“Do your homework!” my mum shouted. I blinked, then shut down Minecraft. That felt awesome! I finally decided to grab one of my books and began to write.


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