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Our Dealer code is: VHCFIT

As a TPG Internet Direct Dealer we will be able to provide affordable yet reliable Internet, WAN/VPN and VoIP services to our customers through one of Australia’s most established and comprehensive Internet Service Providers. REGISTRATION LINK ADSL1/ADSL2+ NAKED DSL MOBILE DIAL-UP If you open

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How to Create Your First iPhone Application

A client wants to develop iphone Apps. Haibin found this elegant artical from Internet. How to Create Your First iPhone Application By Jen Gordon August 11th, 2009 Coding, Design 140 Comments What if you had a nickle for every time

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Silan got a new computer

Silan got a new computer that was HP D360 sff with XP and MS Office 2003.  However, she prefered to have an English operating system. So her dad did it for her. Now she is more happier. To change the

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How to Fix Blurry Photos with Photoshop

It’s disappointing to get home after a day at the pool or the family reunion only to find your pictures are a little blurry. With a little effort and the help of Adobe Photoshop, you might be able to salvage

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Turn an Old Laptop into a Wall-Mounted Computer

Why settle for a digital picture frame when, in the same wall space, you could mount an entirely functional computer/slideshow player/TV tuner? Lifehacker reader Justin took an old Sony Vaio laptop he wasn’t using and turned it into a wall-mounted

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10 Free E-Commerce Software To establish Your own Market Presence

E-commerce has grown into one of the most feasible ways to establish a market presence. For those already reining the market it’s a channel for cheaper and more efficient distribution chain for products services. There are a good number of

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Using Digital Maps & Mapping Software

Most people understand the safety and basic navigational features that make GPS systems an important tool for travellers. This equipment is now commonplace in recreational 4WD vehicles, making adventurous travel in remote outback areas easier than ever before. If you are wondering what’s involved in setting up your vehicle to be digitally navigated, this article should steer you in the right path. Learn about the features and advantages of using digital maps with mapping software and how you can share your trek experiences with others.

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