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By Silan The car’s engine died down at last. Almost instantly, Jack and his cousins, Lenni and Harley rushed outside, into the front yard of Jack’s new house in Fruitjuice town. Lenni bent down to examine the number on the

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In The Principal’s Office

I was reading, enjoying a nice, peaceful lunch inside. Meanwhile, outside, howling winds rattled the windows as loudly as a baby’s rattle toy, enormous raindrops pounded down on the roof like golf balls, and clouds as dark as midnight gathered

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Adventures in Minecraft

AHH! Splash! Phew! I was only jumping off a cliff into the water. I mean, dive board. “What was that?” I thought as I glimpsed something green to my right. I splashed out, striding towards the thing. But as I

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The Mysterious Book

The door swung open, as creaky as an old grandpa’s backside, and Tom strode in. His face had a look of fury on it as he slumped into a chair. Tom wasn’t the sort of person who gets angry for

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Silan is going to sing and dance in the Camberwell Showtime

Silan is going to sing and dance in the Camberwell Showtime. Please see and hear Silan in show. Tickets information is here: Please mention Silan when you buy a ticket. Thanks

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The Maths Question

Part 1 – Arthur the Genius The bell rang, a shrill sound that pierced my eardrums. I grinned to my best friend, Tom, and we half sprinted to Maths. I yanked the door open and was in my seat before

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The King’s Hare

There once was a king who had a hare, It was really expensive and rare. It bounced around, and when it was found, It was playing in a dragon’s lair.                    

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Chinese Products Should Have English on Them too

I think Chinese products should have english on them too because Australian people can’t cook them. Firstly, some Australians like Chinese food and want to have some more. But the problem is they don’t know how to cook it. If

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This is Silan’s first presentation. Hi, my name’s Silan and I’m going to talk about bones. Did you know that babies have more bones than adults? When you’re a baby, you have 306 bones. As you grow up, your bones

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